What is Electric EnergyThe Electric Energy is here to inform. The mission is to make more people aware of electricity, with a heavy focus on alternate sources of energy that do not harm our environment like traditional fossil fuel sources do.

Focus will be on solar cells and panels, wind turbines, and hydro or water based applications, but simply by osmosis The Electric Energy will touch on a variety of other sources of energy, like nuclear energy.

Also, Electric Energy will explore many devices that are just simply cool electric devices. This is where YOU can help. If YOU have some great cool new gadget that we simply must review and test and explain, then please let us know! This will include cool new solar chargers, or any other type of battery charger for that matter, battery technology, handheld renewable devices, and will most likely touch on the newest cool technologies in the electronics industry.

If this isn’t enough, The Electric Energy will also explore applications of these devices. Around the world there are many companies, programs, and initiatives that are making giant leaps in the direction of a cleaner world, which will be illuminate with our site.

This is an attempt at a revolution, a clean revolution, an electrical revolution. No longer must the ways be about consuming, but focusing on how we can use our devices to the most advantageous we can, to fulfill the devices full potential and also challenge our minds to think differently about what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

Are you joining the revolution?

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