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How to Convert Between kWh and BTU

common BTU energy sources

common BTU energy sources

We’ve already discussed the difference between kW and kWh in a previous post: kW being kiloWatt – a measure of power; kWh being kiloWatt-hour – a measure of energy.

British Thermal Units (BTU)

A BTU can be approximated as the heat produced by burning a single wooden kitchen match or as the amount of energy it takes to lift a one-pound weight 778 feet (237 m).

One BTU is approximately:

  • 1.054 to 1.060 kJ (kilojoules)
  • 0.293071 W·h (watt hours)
  • 0.000393081 hp

One Watt is approximately:

  • 3.41214 BTU/h

Now the question is how to convert between British Thermal Units (BTU) and kW.

Conversion Formulas for BTU/h to kWh

Using this information, we can understand the following formulas:

Watt-hour = BTU/hour * 0.29307107
BTU/hour = Watt-hour/0.2930717

btu defined

Hope this helps!



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